Best Packing And Moving Tips You Should Follow

packing and moving tips

Are you ready for home shifting or office shifting? Are you searching some good advice and some effective packing and moving tips from the expert mover?

You are lucky! We’ve spent thousands of hours in this industry to gather knowledge on packing and moving. Here you learn some important tips and tricks to reduce your cost and time also have some good moving experience!

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General Packing and Moving Tips:-

  • Book your reservation for professional movers two to four weeks before your move day.
  • For large devices be sure you have checked owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.
  • Don’t try to get rid of your child’s favorite items before the move – even if it makes it easier. Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the change of the move itself.
  • By law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, ammunition and explosives.
  • Essential items pack in a box and marked that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the last thing added to the moving truck.
  • When you decide to move as soon as possible Clean out closets, the attic, and the basement also.
  • Before you move make a “ survival closet” of items for the last cleanup – broom, dust cloth, dust pan, mop.

Schedule disconnect times for about a week before your move day.

  • About a week before Inform your cable, phone, internet and others utility service provider to disconnect one day before your move.
  • About a week before move stop your newspapers, cable, pest control, cleaning help, lawn services.
  • Mail in your change of address forms to your office, bank, insurance company, neighbor, colleagues, relatives about week before your move date.
  • Before you move out disconnect and clean your stove.
  • Defrost the fridge the day before your move.
  • Make sure that on move day you have enough cash in your hand to avoid extra hustle.
  • Before your busy move day don’t forget to say goodbye to neighbours and friends by taking time.
  • If you are going to move by yourself or with the help of friends and family, have a back-up plan if they don’t show packing expertise.

Tips for Packing | Packing and Moving Tips:-

  • Keep in mind try to do individual box for individual room. So that you can unpack them easily.
  • To make closet easier to pack use wardrobe boxes. You can use suitcases for cloths in drawers.
  • Keep in mind the heavier the item the smallest the box. Use small boxes for heavier items like book, crockeries.
  • To wrap fine china always use newspaper without print. Don’t use printed one to wrap them.
  • When you pack always try to stack dishes upwards.
  • Use separate marked boxes for essential and important documents including: health record of your child’s, family record, passports, bank, insurance information’s and your photo albums Pack important and sentimental documents to be easily accessible.
  • Never use cheap box to pack. Never use supermarket or food boxes to pack. These boxes are not strong enough to support your possessions.
  • If you use used boxes for pack make sure the boxes are strong enough to support your possessions.
  • Always use packing tape. Avoid to use duct tape.
  • Put labels clearly on top and side of the boxes.
  • When you dissemble furniture’s and other items make sure you have collected all parts and make sure to tape to the main base, so that you wont lose any important parts.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack all electronic devices or use their original boxes.
  • When you start packing don’t be hurry. Packing is a art.
  • When you are pack or unpack any breakable items use padded surface.
  • Never use topless boxes for packing. Without tops of boxes quite impossible to stack properly in moving truck.
  • When pack fine china and clothing use custom-designed boxes.

Packing and Moving Tips.

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