Q 1: Why should I choose Bengal Movers and Packers? 

Answer: Bengal Movers and Packers is a established, well known and highly reliable name in movers packers industry. Bengal Movers and Packers Dhaka have a group of highly trained staff for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and transportation of goods. We use the most safe and secure modern & latest packaging material to ensure the safety of the items that are being moved.

Q 2: How Can we Trust That Bengal Movers and Packers is Professional?

Answer: Bengal Movers and Packers is operating for last 10+ years and till today we have 100% of the customer satisfaction. Our customer trust us and our quality service speaks for us. You may visit our testimonial page to see what clients say about us.

Q 3: How Prior Should I Call Bengal Movers and Packers to Survey?

Answer: Though we have the ability to make survey in 24 hours notice. To make the process more easier we always suggest our valuable clients to call us for making a survey 3 to 7 days prior from moving date. For Big shifting we always recommend to call us 10 to 15 days prior.

Q 4: How much time the assessment team take to survey ?

Answer: Our Free assessment team / person will take 15 mins to 2 hours to make a survey of your residence depending the size of your home & your moving plan. For Big size office it may takes 6 to 7 hours depending on the size of office.

Q.5: How do I know what I can and cannot take with me?

Answer: You need to worried about this matter. Our assessment team / person will assist you about this. He will explain you briefly why you should take or why you should not take.

Q.6: How long Bengal Movers takes his time for packing?

Answer: You know every move is different but for a normal truck load of household effects (750 sft) takes between three and five hours for packing. This is based on a crew of three or four persons. If timing is important, let us know about your requirements and Bengal Movers and Packers will coordinate the move accordingly.

Q.7: What are the main factors that define the moving cost?

Answer: The price, cost or charges of Bengal Movers and Packers Dhaka may vary on different factors. What are the distance between destination A and destination B. Is packaging materials are included or not? What types of packing you required. How sensitive the belongings are. Total Volume of household belongings.

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