Terms & Conditions

BENGAL MOVERS and Packers Dhaka have certain terms and conditions to be followed by you while availing our services. These include:

  1. This Price is excludes from any VAT /TAX /PARKING /STORAGE /NOC or any other Government fee. If any of these charge applicable client must pay this charge as per receipt.
  2. This Price is excludes from any accessories / modification / Unpacking charges. If any accessories / modification needed to open or re-fittings shifted Item/Items Client must provide that accessories / modification bill.
  3. If we pay any of the above charge/charges on behalf of client. He/She must pay that extra charge/charges at delivery point as per RECEIPT.
  4. BENGAL MOVERS will not pack or move any types of Jewellery, Liquid Money, Stamps, Check, Bond, Mobile phones, Tablet etc. In any of these item/items need to shift Customer must notify us in written. So we will pack and move that item/items with proper evidence.
  5. We are not responsible to undertake electrical, carpentry, or plumbing work. If needed we will provide those depending upon the availability of the staff with extra charges.
  6. If you want to take extra goods apart from those mentioned in the goods list you are welcome. However, we charge extra money for such items.
  7. BENGAL MOVERS will take responsibility to move listed items carefully. If anything missing from listed items BENGAL MOVERS will take responsibility. In this case client must make the list with one of our representative. Unless the claim will not be guaranteed.
  8. BENGAL MOVERS will not shift any hazardous or illegal goods.
  9. BENGAL MOVERS or its representative will not be responsible for any kind of damages or loss occurred to your goods due to natural calamity, unforeseen accident, fire, riots or sabotage. Therefore, to avoid such loss, we advise you to insure your shipment to avoid risk.
  10. For change moving date client must notify us at least 72 hours earlier and for cancel booking notify us at least seven days earlier from moving day. Otherwise client must pay to BENGAL MOVERS at 20% of total moving estimate as a dumurrage.
  11. We requested to pay at least 30% of total amount with work order as an advance. Which will be adjusted with final INVOICE.
  12. Client must pay the full bill at delivery point or as per written agreement/work order.

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