Local Home Shifting Tips & Checklist (The Complete Guide)

local home shifting tips

Moving into a new house is not something about packing and unpacking your items. There is a need for proper preparation to make the process less time-consuming.

Although you may have hired moving companies to get assistance and cooperation for local household shifting, you need to take part in the process.

Without the right steps, everything will be a mess. Of course, you can manage the stress with our complete local home shifting tips and checklist.

As you are going to settle in a new environment in Dhaka, our tips will be the ultimate guide to you.

What To Considerations before packing and moving your items?

You need to start thinking of moving your household items at least a month before the chosen date. First, you can try to answer these questions.

  • Should you give a one-month prior notice to your present landlord?
  • Can you pack your things on your own? Should you hire packers and movers to do this task?
  • Which electrical appliances and furniture do you need to shift to your new house?
  • Have you searched for a school for your kids in the new locality?
  • Will you sell some household items that you cannot transport?
  • Have you found utility service providers?
  • Do you need to cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions?
  • Should you hire professionals to clean your house after vacating it?
  • How many boxes do you need to pack your stuff?
  • When should you start packing essential and non-essential items?

When you have focused on these issues, you can reduce complications in the moving process.

1. Decluttering before starting a move

The most important step to shift to a new house is decluttering. When you have not decluttered, you may need to carry some unnecessary items. Moreover, this step will also save you money, as you do not have to shift junk items. We have some decluttering tips for you.

Another article, We also have covered some essential packing and moving tips, which will help you a lot by saving your valuable time and bucks.

  • Enter every room of your house to check showpieces and furniture that you have. Then, you can decide on furnishings that you like to shift to the new apartment.
  • Go to your kitchen to choose appliances that you should move to the new house. You may also donate some appliances that you do not need.
  • You should also take the unused and old clothes out of your wardrobe. Remove your old footwear and other items that will be of no use to you. Moreover, you can throw away old and unimportant newspapers, books, and journals.

2. Create an inventory of all the things that you like to pack

You need to finalize the items that you have to pack and move to the new location. You may pack some personal stuff on your own and leave other items for professional packers.

All the packers are not professional enough. You have to find some packers and movers company to assist you. How to hire a good packers? Don’t worry, we have already published a article on how to hire best movers and packers company when shifting home in Dhaka.

The inventory list will ensure that you have packed the essential items and are ready for the move. It will be easy to cross-check the things after the transit. You may identify the missing and damaged items by reviewing the list.

Tips for packing before the move

We have some easy packing tips to help you in settling in your new residence without any hassle.

However, before packing everything, you have to snap photos of your goods. These photos will be a proof of the original condition of your belongings.

Walk with me, Trust me, I will show you step by step, how you can make your next home or office shifting service in an easy way.

A. General guidelines:

  • Pack your items together- You have to include newspapers, towels, and other small household goods in a box. Then, you may place heavier items over them.
  • Label every box by content and by room.
  • Put your hammers, drinks, paper plates, utensils, cups, and everyday clothes in one box.
  • Do not overload every pack to prevent any item from dropping during the transit.

B. Arrange your packing supplies:

  • Boxes– There are special packing boxes in different sizes available from the packing and moving companies. Make sure that they are in good condition.  
  • Dolly- Dollies are wheeled platforms to move your cartons easily.
  • Bubble wraps- It is essential to buy some bubble wraps that protect your items during the transit.
  • Packing Tape- Don’t forget to buy some packing tape or carton tape. It will be essential when closing the box.
  • Marker Pen- This will save your time. Buy 1 or 2 permanent marker for labeling the boxes.

Room-by-room packing tips

Earlier in this article we have discussed about how important the inventory list is. Now its time apply, Arrange your rooms one by one by following the inventory. Let scroll down to get the complete scenario…

A. Kitchen

  • Pack your refrigerated items in some coolers
  • Use bubble wraps to cover your dishes
  • Choose sectioned cartons to pack glasses
  • Defrost your refrigerator at least 2 days before the day of your move

B. Dining room

  • Roll up your carpet and disassemble your furniture.
  • Protect your decors with a bubble wrap.

C. Bedroom and living room

  • Remove your bulbs, pack your books and CDs, and store your bedding
  • Keep your valuables in a separate pack.

D. Bathroom

  • Pack your towels and bathmats
  • Seal your bottles before packing

E. Other tips for packing

  • When you have a big family, you may choose cartons to pack items separately for every member.
  • Take a pen to write the list of items on the sides of the cartons. Use numberings and colors to distinguish items easily.
  • The non-essential and fragile items must be in a different pack.

Organizing your things at your new home

The war is not stops here. You just reached to your new home. All you need to just relax for few moment and then start to capture the second episode of a successful home shifting. Lets get started…

A. Unpacking the cartons

After the arrival of boxes, you need to unpack them and re-assemble all your items properly. While unpacking the cartons, you have to be careful to ensure no damage to your items.

B. Find potential damages

You can assess your inventory list to find out the missing and damaged items. You may claim for insurance when your precious items are damaged.

C. Redecorating your new house

It is the last step for your home shifting process. Install your furniture and other things at the right place to make your home comfortable for your stay. Your movers and packers may help you in the redecoration process. However, you need to call electricians to set up electrical appliances.

Bottom Line..

Now, our guide will help you to simplify your home shifting process. Although it may be a local move, you need some tips to reduce your stress.

The purpose of your move can be for a better quality of life, family-related issues, cheaper housing opportunities, and employment.

Do you know that more than 25% of relocating spouses take care of their kids and households? 17% are searching for jobs.

Regardless of the reason for your relocation, our tips will be useful for you.

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