How to Prepare Your Large Appliance for Safe Moving

How to Prepare Your Large Appliance for Safe Moving

Large appliances give you the real challenging times while moving homes or relocating office.

Basically these appliances are expensive and the day to day using gadgets. Thus these appliances hold a very special to your heart and their safety during the moving process becomes the main concern for you.

Your hired packers and movers can take care of them with ease as they are experienced handling them. But this is your foremost duty to supervise them when they are working with these items.

Thus you need appropriate knowledge about preparing and moving this large appliances of your home.

First of all, you have to know exactly about what appliances we are discussing about. These appliances are basically your refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine, stove and so on.All the electronic giant appliances that come quite expensive. While you are moving, you need some basic knowledge about preparing these appliances transportation. If you prepare and pack them well, you will be able to load and unload them easily and obviously with extreme safety. In case you fail in preparing them properly, not only you will damage these items but also these electronic items can invite some serious accidents.

Now, go through the content and get to know the ins and outs of the preparing and packing methods of these household appliances for a better and stress-free move.

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Methods of Preparing the Large Appliance While Moving

1. Read the Legal Papers Time and Again

Before packing or disconnecting any of the appliances, you must read the agreement with your house owner. If the house selling agreement includes the appliances as well, you cannot move them with you rather you have to leave them behind. Otherwise, you can get trapped into legal issues. Again you have to check and recheck the agreement with your new house owner. If the agreement includes the appliances, carrying the previous ones can be a great loss. In such cases, you have to downsize your appliances because let’s face you may not want to duplicate the appliances and pay high transportation cost.

2. Get a Clear Concept about Your New House Measurement

You have to have the specific measurement of your new house such as you have to get the perfect concept about your new bedroom and whether your old TV will fit into the new one or not. Again get a measurement of your new living room and measure whether it has enough space for your old sofa set. This pre-measurement method will actually reduce your harassment of loading such heavy appliances with a high amount of transportation costs. Thus always measure your appliances and the space of your new house.

3. Read the User Manual

Read the user manual and find out the terms that elaborate the applicable moving method of that specific appliance. All the user manual comes with proper moving instructions that can actually help you to pack and load these appliances without damaging them. In case you don’t find the manual, just contact the manufacturer brand or their customer services and ask them to provide you with the necessary information’s.

4. Disconnect and Unplug the Appliances

The large appliances of your house are not plugged into normal sockets thus disconnecting them is a big issue. You have to consider the extra time to do this disconnection as some of the appliances such as the refrigerator and the freezers need to be defrosted and an unplugged a couple of days ago before the moving. These appliances are not only large in their sizes but also with their work efficiency they come with some certain maintenance rule. These rules are needed to be followed if you want a perfect relocation.

Every appliance has their own way of disconnecting or unplugging. You have to applied different methods to prepare different items. Thus here you go with a complete guide of disconnecting your large appliances individually.

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  • Remove all your foods from the refrigerator and defrost it.
  • Now switch off the valve to the water dispenser. Then disconnect the tube.
  • Unplug the fridge and before unplugging don’t forget to empty the holding tank.
  • Remove the dust from the back of the fridge.
  • Now wash the parts of the fridge and dry all the parts well.
  • To pack the disassembled parts you can use a blanket, towel or your old tee shirt.


  • Clean the filter of the dishwasher with detergent and turn off the water supply to it.
  • The next step is to clean the food particles for this make a solution of baking soda and water. Use this solution and rinse of mildew.
  • Keep the parts to dry and make sure there remains no sign of ford particles as it can lead to bugs.
  • Once the parts are dried, use bubble wrap or blankets to wrap them.

Cloth Dryer

  • First of all, unplug the switch.
  • Now you have clean the lint trap.
  • Remove all the clothes from the dryer and make sure there doesn’t remain any.
  • Now detach the ductwork.

Washing Machine

  • First of all, switch off and unplug the electric cord.
  • Remove the drain, colt, and hot hoses.
  • Secure the washing drum from moving.


  • Just like all other appliances just switch off the void.
  • Remove drip pans, burners.
  • Use oven cleaner and clean it up.
  • Keep for some time to get dry.

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5. Collect all the disassembled parts

Now that you have all the accessories clean and dried, you can pack them to transport. You can use freezer bags and put tape outside the bags to ensure utmost safety. On the other hand, the duct hose of the dryer can be carried along with you as well. This is up to you but it is always better to pack them
with sturdy tape and load them in trusted vehicles.

6. Protect All the Accessories

Transit, loading, reloading, and transportation are the toughest thing that can happen to these parts. To keep them safe from this process of moving the one and only way is to pack them sincerely and transport them with only the trusted packers and movers.

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