Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Unorganized Packers And Movers

avoid unorganized packers and movers

Relocation is not an easy task as you need to pack the entire house and items and unpack them in your new home.

Moving heavy and delicate items is a risky task as there is always a chance of damaging them. Doing it yourself heightens the risk of leaving most of the items damaged and in pieces.

Choosing movers and packers is the best option to professionally organize and shift furniture, appliances, and other costly items from one house to another. 

However, at the same time, you must be cautious enough to avoid unorganized packers and movers while shifting the house.

You must only choose professional and well-reviewed services from people who expertise in carefully packing, loading, moving, and unpacking all kinds of items without leaving them vulnerable to damage.

Here we shall discuss the several risks of choosing unorganized packers and movers. You can also learn how and why you should only go for professional registered companies with a good reputation and workforce.

Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Unorganized Moving Companies While Home Shifting

Use this guide to make the best choice in packing and moving household items while shifting.

1. Unprofessional

Unorganized packers are mostly unprofessional and do not offer any assistance. They hardly value your time and may even damage your precious household items without caring for them. You shouldn’t tolerate any unprofessional behavior while paying for services. 

2. Untrustworthy 

Unprofessional packers are untrustworthy as well. Trust is important when you are handing over your most valuable items to a company to pack and shift. If they damage your valuables, it will be the biggest disappointment of your life.

You must be careful in choosing the right moving company and never go for ones with no reviews or past work records. Unless you have people vouching for their good services, how can you trust them with your valuable household goods? 

3. Unreasonable Quotes 

Choosing unorganized and ill-reputed movers and packers also means that you are wasting your money. They may charge unreasonable prices (higher or lower) for their services, which are exorbitant compared to the standard market rates. There are high chances that you may end up having the worst service in return for the highly unreasonable charges. 

4. Unlicensed

There are chances that the unorganized local movers and packers are unregistered and do not have a license to operate. Without a legal permit, it is very risky to employ them. They cannot be held responsible in case of any damage. 

5. No trained workers

Most of the local relocation companies lack trained laborers and workers. They are unprofessional and may be clumsy in handling all kinds of items.

Without proper training and any professional knowledge of packing and carefully moving, it can be questionable to hand them all your valuable household items.

They may not respect your attachment to the things you need to pack and move. 

6. Damage to items

Unorganized and inexperienced packers have no idea how to wrap and pack different kinds of items. They may lack proper packaging material such as bubble wraps, foam cushioning, and cardboard materials to pack fragile items.

It leaves your delicate items vulnerable to damage, and there are high possibilities that the products may get broken in transit. Sometimes, even if you get compensated in terms of money, you have an emotional value attached to certain items or heirloom stuff. Loss of such goods can be shattering. 

7. No insurance

Unregistered companies won’t offer you any insurance on your expensive household items if they damage them in transit. You may have to face a very hard time acquiring some compensation for your damaged goods and may not even succeed at all.

You should never take this risk if you have many expensive valuable to shift from one house to the other. 

8. Limited range of services

Choosing local or new and unorganized movers and packers is not a good option because of the limited range of services they may offer. Some of them may refuse to shift your vehicles, electronic gadgets, or potted plants, which may leave you in a fix. If they refuse you at the last moment after you make the payment, that’s quite a hassle.  

9. No customer support

Unorganized packers also have zero customer support, which is essential in choosing packers and movers. You may have to call them several items to inquire about a lot of things. The last thing you would want is unprofessional behavior and lack of customer support from them.

If they do not provide any assistance or attend to your calls, it can give you a hectic and stressful time. Handing over costly household items to someone you can’t contact is scary. 

10. Lack of time sense

These unprofessional movers and packers generally have no sense of time and do not value it. They may arrive late or be indefinite about their expected time of arrival. 

How To Choose The Best Relocation Company While Shifting House or Office

Here are some tips for you to choose the best relocation company while home shifting. Follow these tips to avoid making bad decisions in choosing the right movers and packers. 

1. Research and read reviews

The key to finding the best movers and packers is to research well and go through customer reviews and testimonials. Check all the reviews of the companies to understand the customer experience. Compare several top-rated companies to zero in on the best finally. 

2. Check all the credentials

Before paying a company to pack and shift your things, check all the legal credentials. Check their license and permits so that you can hold them answerable if they damage your items. 

3. Look for insurance

Check the company’s insurance policies to get compensated in case of wear and tear or damage of items in transit. 

4. Look for the range of items listed

Check the list of items that the company packs and moves before you give them the contract. In case you have to shift a vehicle, gadgets, or loads of potted plants, talk with the company beforehand instead of getting a refusal at the last moment. 

Final Words

Moving into a new house is indeed exciting but stressful as well due to the range of items you need to pack and unpack.

We have tried to help you with some essential tips in choosing the right movers and packers.

Beware of the unorganized and unprofessional ones by making a wise choice after a good research.

Choosing the right movers and packers is important so that you can step into your new house without any headache or damage to your precious items. 

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