Pre-Move Purge – Streamline Your Move with These Like a Pro

pre move purge

Moving to a new office or home can be an exciting yet stressful experience. With so many things to keep track of. It’s important to get organized and start the process early with some pre-move purge.

A great way to make your move easier is to reduce clutter before you even begin packing. Here are some items you should consider tossing before moving so that you can stay on top of the process.

Items You Should Toss Before Moving

1. Old Electronics

Do you have old electronics lying around that you no longer use? It may be time to part ways with these items before moving into a new home.

Old televisions, cell phones, and computers take up a lot of space and can be difficult to pack and move.

If there are any parts or accessories associated with these electronics, make sure those are taken care of as well.

For example, if you have an old laptop, gather all its cords and cables together in one place and store them somewhere safe.

2. Clothing You Don’t Wear Anymore

We all hang onto clothes we don’t wear anymore for various reasons. Maybe it reminds us of a special occasion or we think we might fit into it again someday.

But when it comes time for a move, these clothes just add more stress and clutter during this already hectic time.

Go through your closet and donate any clothing that no longer fits or looks good on you.

This will help reduce the number of boxes you have to pack up as well as lighten your load once it’s time for the actual move itself!

3. Unnecessary Furniture

Furniture can be one of the most difficult things to move because of its size and weight. Before packing up furniture for your next move, ask yourself this question: do I really need this piece?

If not, then it may be best to get rid of it while saving yourself some money in the process. Consider selling larger pieces like couches or bookcases on Craigslist or donating them to local charities that accept furniture donations.

This will free up space in both your new home/office as well as during the moving process itself!

Final Words

If you want an easy and stress-free moving experience, streamline everything by purging unnecessary items beforehand.

Getting rid of old electronics, clothing you don’t wear anymore, and unnecessary furniture will save space both during packing and once moved into your new home/office space.

Taking a few simple steps now will pay off later when moving day finally arrives!

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