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Home shifting indicates a new phase in one’s life. The entire process of household moving also entails a lot of responsibility. The process is time-consuming and hectic.

However, there are several moving company available in Dhaka that make this elaborate process smoother. You can rely on them entirely for all your relocation needs.

Here, we will be looking at the various expertise that such services bring to the table and the different options of household moving services that you can choose according to your particular requirements. You can then make an informed decision while finalizing a shifting services for yourself.

house shifting service in dhaka
Furniture shifting with professionals

How does Bengal Movers help in Home Shifting in Dhaka?

Bengal Movers is very well-reputed in the domain of house shifting service. Our technicians are very professional and well-trained. They are equipped to customize our services to address your unique needs. We cover local, domestic as well as international moving and take up each assignment accordingly.

An overview of the process

We understand that you genuinely value and attach immense importance to the things you wish to carry while relocating. Our staff makes a list of all fragile items that will be moved and makes special arrangement accordingly.

Every detail is adhered to with dedication from the point it is packed to the time it is reopened at the destination. Our staff draft a plan for you to approve before implementing it so that it is in line with what you want and your schedule too.

The entire plan is made according to the budget that our customers provide to us. Other factors that are considered in the plan is the time frame of movement and the distance that would be covered in the process. A quote is given to you in advance so that you have complete knowledge about the whole deal.

At Bengal Movers, we want to provide a hassle-free moving experience for our customers and gain their trust through our dedicated service.

house packing and shifting in dhaka
Fragile items packing

Our Packing Options for Household Shifting in Dhaka

To ensure that we give you a stress-free home transfer experience, a number of packing options have been curated. Also, we want to cater to the various needs of our customers. These factors have been kept in mind while chalking out the different packing options.

• Full-Service Packing

When you opt for this option, we at Bengal Movers and Packers in Dhaka, take complete responsibility of moving every single item in your house. Our specialized packing boxes and wrappers make sure that all your belongings remain in its best shape during transfer. If you want us to unpack it for you, we will make arrangements for that too. You do not need to worry about anything and concentrate on the many other things that need attention while house shifting in Dhaka.

• Fragile Packing

Many of our customers want to pack all their belongings on their own except the fragile ones. You can entirely rely on us for transferring fragile items such as glassware, valuable dinner sets and cutlery. We understand that these items require special care and so we ensure more robust packaging for safe transfer.

• Furniture Packing

Packing different kinds of furniture requires proper expertise. Our well-trained staff know how to open various parts of the furniture, pack them as needed and again resemble it all at the destination. It does not matter what type of furniture or what the material is it. From wooden furniture to leakier board we can handle this with our trained experts.

furniture shifting in dhaka
furniture dismantle & assembly service

Our Basic House Shifting Services

At Bengal Packers and Movers, our house shifting services extend much beyond packing. So, here is a list of the efficient services we provide for smooth home relocation.

• Furniture Dismantle & Assemble

Every piece of furniture is dismantled carefully, and all its parts are transferred without damage. At the destination, this furniture is assembled back and placed as directed by our customers. If you are not present during assembling, we arrange it after discussing it with you.

• Load & Unload

This is an essential part of our full shifting service. However, we also offer this as a stand-alone service. If you only want us to load items at source and unload at the destination, we also provide that service to you. Before loading, we ensure that the packing done is safe and then label it.

• Transportation

Our transportation vehicles are spacious and sturdy. They can carry your belongings safely over long as well as short distances. Moreover, our fleet of drivers is also very experienced to man-oeuvre through any domain. Be it narrow roads, busy streets or highways, our drivers will make sure that all items are delivered with complete safety.

• Electric Item Installation

Installing electrical items in a new house is not only time-consuming but also requires expertise. Our professionally trained staff will install all your electrical appliances (Air Conditioner, Geyser, LCD, LED, Light, Fan, IPS, Washing Machine, Refrigerator etc.) for safe use in your household.

• Unpacking & Reset up

While packing all items before shifting takes a lot of time and effort, unpacking and reset up takes even more. This is because while resetting the new house, you need to figure out where to place each item. Our team will discuss this aspect with you in advance and reset your house accordingly.

home shift in dhaka
expert labor for load & unload

Our Additional Home Moving Services

Other than the essential home shifting services, we also offers some additional services to make your home moving experience more convenient.

• Customize Packing Services:

If you have any unique needs for packing, for example, a precious music instrument, we can make arrangements for the safe transfer of such items too. We use the latest and most efficient packing material to meet all your needs.

• Recycling unwanted electronics:

Our customers often have outdated electronics which are not used frequently. We offer services to recycle them for you so that such unwanted equipment does not contribute to electronic waste.

You can thus choose us for its world-class, safe and secure, door-to-door services. Our existing users are very satisfied with the service and 24X7 assistance that they have received from us. The entire focus of the company revolves around our customers, and we continuously strive to improve ourselves. Move any distance with us, and we will make sure that our professional technicians provide you top-rated home shifting service in Dhaka.

So, pick up your phone and give a call at 01777 3111 98 right now! Or you can simply drop us an email at [email protected] and one of our support staff will get in touch with you in a matter of 24 hours.

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